Worktop, the preferred designers' choice of HPL worktop, has been researched and developed to closely resemble the beauty of nature and yet durable in its performance, including the very demanding features such as high-impact strength, shock resistance, abrasion and heat resistance.

To enhance a natural living habitat, Worktop incorporates various natural elements depicted by its design of stones and wood species.

The latest R3 profile that is crafted ingeniously with a post-form radius of 3mm, it resembles a straight-edge worktop with a contour which is natural, rendering a sophisticated demeanour that is set to be a favourite for home-owners. Nonetheless, the other elements such as the conventional R10 profile with 10mm radius, and the trendy straight-edge element with a 3D Acrylic edge-band, offers home-builders and interior architectural designers much more choices and possibilities.

With these unique profiles designed in chic and elegance, Worktop befits the contemporary lifestyle of the new age.

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