How do I get to the Legend Kitchen Office?

The Legend Kitchen Office is located at Lot 4166, Sungai Long, Jalan Cheras Batu 11 1/2, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Click Here for Map


What are your opening hours?

We are open daily from 9am - 6pm on Monday to Saturday. We will off on Sunday.


Why I must purchase cabinet from your company Legend Kitchen Cabinet Supplies?

1st: Our company main mission is to provide customer good service and product with the very affordable price only.

2nd: We provide customer 30 days money return warranty.

3rd:Caring customer benefit is one of the mission of our company, therefore if the cabinet you purchase from us destroyed by termite, we will replace new cabinet to customer and it is FREE. This warranty is last for 10 years for every customer.


Why we able to provide lowest price guarantee?

  1. We reduce middle man commissioning process
  2. We reduce production time by using advance technology
  3. We keep large stocks
  4. We save customer’s time travel to showroom
  5. We cash purchase from Manufacturers, therefore we get more rebate and products price keep low
  6. We delivered product to same area within same time to save our delivery cost

Does your company cabinet will destroyed by Termite (white ant)?

Every wood make cabinet definitely will destroyed by termite, but don’t worry about it, our company does provide 1 on 1 change service to customer, and the cabinet is free for customer and this service last for 10 YEARS.


Can I postpone my installation date due to personal problem?

Yes, you can postpone the installation date to any other date. Any changes of installtion date must be request 1 month (30days) before the current installation date reach, otherwise RM 1500 will be charge as penalty.


What should I do if I wanna service my cabinet?

You may make a report with our Customer Service Center (CSC), So that our CSC staff will arrange Maintenance staff to customer's house to service.

What if you dont come as promise, after the payment been paid?

Be one of the leading Built in Cabinet Manufacturer in the market, nothing is important to us except Reputation.

Can I use 1 Package into 2 house?
No, each package only available in 1 House only.
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